Survey Shows Red Light Cameras Popular

Majority of Americans Support Red Light Cameras
A national survey conducted in April 2009 revealed tremendous public support for using technology to combat red-light running. The survey found that 69 percent of Americans support the use of red-light cameras at the most dangerous intersections in their states, while only 29 percent oppose the use of cameras to enforce traffic laws.

The City of Cedar Hill implemented a photo-enforcement program in November 2006 to make roadways safer by not only deterring red-light running but also modifying driver behavior.

The poll also found that those surveyed wrongly believe that most people are opposed to red-light camera programs to improve traffic safety.

“I often receive comments from Cedar Hill residents about their support for our camera safety program,” said Police Chief Steve Rhodes. “This poll further proves camera programs are popular among citizens and not controversial, regardless of what the vocal minority or media reports claim.”

“With proven safety results and reductions in red-light running violations, crashes and injuries, it’s not surprising that photo-enforcement programs across the U.S. and here locally are so popular and supported by most citizens,” Chief Rhodes concluded.

Neil Newhouse, a founding partner of Public Opinion Strategies (POS) who conducted the national non-commissioned poll, noted in a press release that “support for these red-light cameras is not only very strong nationally, but cuts across all demographic and attitudinal groups, including men and women, young and old, Republicans and Democrats, and conservatives and liberals.”

“This is a stunning result. Rarely in public opinion research do you find voter attitudes so at odds with what they believe others think. These red-light camera supporters are truly the ‘silent majority,’ while opponents might be described as a vocal minority,” Newhouse concluded.

POS is a national political and public affairs research firm headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. POS is the Republican partner for the NBC/WSJ Poll and was named “Pollster of the Year” by the trade publication “Campaigns and Elections.”