Education Services

The Police And Community Team  (P.A.C.T.) provides a number of educational services for our citizens and businesses.  Please take a moment to browse the services we provide and feel free to contact Cpl. Juan Herrera at 972.291.5181  ext.2104 for more information or to set up a class time.

Shoplifting Class 
This is a 45-minute class offered by the P.A.C.T. Unit to businesses. This program is offered to retail employees and covers topics such as:
  • How To Spot Individual Shoplifters
  • How To Prevent Individuals From Shoplifting
  • Team Shoplifters
  • How to Detain a Suspect
Employee Theft 
    The P.A.C.T. Unit offers a class specifically designed for owners and managers of the retail district.
  • Explains the most common ways to steal
  • How to stop theft before it occurs
  • How to catch those who steal
  • How to create an effective crime resistant program and reduce theft
Check Fraud 
    This class is offered to all employees of retail shopping centers. This program teaches:
  • how individuals steal with paper
  • how to examine checks, which checks are most likely bad checks
  • how to compare identification to the individual
  • some of the characteristics of bad check passers and some of the scams con artists use to defraud