2017 Bond Program 

Bond Update
In November 2017, Cedar Hill voters approved the issuance of $45 million in general obligation bonds to finance infrastructure, parks and recreation, and library improvements to be initiated over the next five to seven years. Learn more about the approved bond program.

Voters also approved the extension of the Cedar Hill Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) for an additional 15 years, Learn more about the CCPD.

In February 2018, the City Council completed the sale of $4.2 million in general obligation bonds to fund the first year of the bond program. 

Street repairs

In FY2018-19, the City will complete $1.5 million in street repairs and preventative maintenance. Concrete and asphalt repairs are prioritized based on a 2017 pavement management study, which evaluated street conditions. See more details about street repair and maintenance projects.

Creative playground replacement at Virginia Weaver Park

The creative play structure at Virginia Weaver Park will be replaced with a new creative playground with enhanced accessibility for children with special needs. The city council has engaged a firm for the design of the new playground, which will involve substantial community input. Public design meetings were held in May, and the City Council will be briefed on the design concept this summer. View City Council meeting agendas.

Neighborhood park renovations

Bradford Park and Calf Pasture Park are neighborhood parks scheduled for improvements in the first year of the bond program. After seeking public input on the project scope, the park renovations are expected to begin in early fall 2018.

New community outdoor pool

The City is currently conducting a site analysis for the new outdoor pool, which will replace the current pool at Crawford Park. The design team conducted a public meeting on March 22 and will present site recommendations to the city council this summer. View City Council meeting agendas.

Site selection and conceptual design for the new public library

The city council appointed citizens to a site selection committee to evaluate potential locations for the new library. The committee will meet in the spring of 2018 to review options based on selection criteria, such as cost of land acquisition, surrounding built environment, and operational efficiency. The committee plans to make a site recommendation to the city council by summer 2018.