Distinctive Character -2028 Goals

Cedar Hill has Distinctive Character
The City Council is currently working on this initiative as a strategic goal for Cedar Hill. As a part of the city’s Vision for the future, the City Council is making it a priority to define what it means to have distinct character. It is the Council’s goal to have community forums and input from the citizenry about how Cedar Hill is distinct and what we can do as a community to ensure that we retain our distinctive character in our constantly evolving world.

View the City Council's Distinctive Character Initiative presentation.

Distinctive Character Goals 2028 and Community Engagement Plan

Cedar Hill’s distinctive character is a part of what our city is and who our citizens represent. The character of the city is all encompassing and fosters community involvement and integration of our core values which are:
  • Distinctive Character
  • Safe
  • Clean
  • Excellent, Safe and Efficient Mobility
  • Strong Diverse Economy
  • Vibrant Parks and Natural Beauty
  • Texas Schools of Choice
The Council went through a visioning exercise and asked the question: What do we want Cedar Hill’s distinctive character to look like in 20 years? This is what was created:

In 2028
  • Generations choose to live, work and play in Cedar Hill
  • Cedar Hill citizens are ethical, honest and full of integrity
  • Cedar Hill is known for the partnerships created and fostered
  • Cedar Hill celebrates the community’s strong spiritual values
  • Citizens come together for personal and community issues at large, and continue to be involved in a positive manner
  • Everyone feels welcome in Cedar Hill and people greet one another; Common Courtesy is the norm
  • Cedar Hill enjoys an exceptional Leadership Academy
  • Cedar Hill has a strong history of quality leaders and fosters young developing leaders that make an impact regionally
  • Citizens take ownership and are actively involved in their neighborhoods and community
  • Citizens take ownership in keeping Cedar Hill beautiful and clean
  • city, Businesses, Churches, Neighborhoods, Citizens, Government, Civic clubs, Board and Commissions, Schools and youth sports organizations are all active participants in maintaining the distinctive character of the city
  • Downtown Cedar Hill is active and gives citizens the opportunity to come together and be involved in community
  • Every citizen, visitor and business enjoys and provides the highest level of customer service
  • Citizens enjoy:
    • Friendly atmosphere
    • People were genuinely nice
    • Diverse community
    • Polite and common courtesy
    • Warm and wholesome environment
    • Openness
    • Front porch discussions
    • Celebrating our similarities
    • An inclusive community
    • Front door approach
    • Service with a smile
Next Steps
The Council is asking the various community groups for input identify the 5 and 10 year progress markers. The following groups were identified and the council member’s name the right is tasked as the Champion for that community segment:
  • Neighborhoods Mayor / All Council
  • Chamber of Commerce Mayor
  • Education Institutions Mayor protem Cory Spillman
  • Business Community Daniel C. Haydin Jr.
  • Boards / Commissions Wade Emmert
  • Athletic Sports Groups Cliff Shaw
  • Civic Groups Greg Patton / Makia Epie
  • Senior Citizens Mayor / All Council
  • City Employees city Manager Alan E. Sims
What will we ask?
  • How would you describe Cedar Hill’s Distinctive Character?
  • What can be done to improve / change / retain our Distinctive Character?
  • What are you committed to / what can you do to enhance Cedar Hill’s Distinctive Character?
  • For the 5 and 10 year progress markers:
  • What needs done in the next 5 years / 10 years to reach our goal?
Please send us your comments about Distinctive Character.