Strong & Diverse Economy - 2028 Goals

Cedar Hill Has a Strong & Diverse Economy - 2028 Goals
  • There is a 60/40 tax base mix (residential / commercial)
  • There is a full service, first class hotel with several smaller properties
  • There are 2 million square feet of non-retail commercial development complete with corporate campuses
  • There is a diverse and balanced economy capable of providing the necessary revenue to sustain service levels and reduce the tax burden; tax rate is lower than peer cities due to premier tax base
  • Downtown is a unique living area with a mixed use, higher density area
  • Uptown is the recognized core of premier retail area
  • There are established small developer areas with high-end quality apartments and multiple form / multiple use
  • There is a multipurpose convention / meeting facility (Cedar Country Resort and Sunset Ranch)
  • There is a complete range of homestead options